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Special Systems

1Extended Completion Period


This special extended study system enables working adults to complete their studies in a planned fashion over a three- or four-year period at standard two-year course tuition fees in order to obtain a degree. In addition, admission fees are reduced for persons age 55 or older. We also offer classes during nighttime hours, on weekends, during long public holiday periods and at other non-standard times to make it as convenient as possible for active members of society to study at our graduate school.


2Special Admission for Working adults


This system targets active working adults who want to work while continuing their studies. They are essentially given the chance to enroll by submitting research proposals and undergoing interviews only. Depending on circumstances following admission, they can engage in research and studies while continuing to work and have the option of taking an intensive course to complete their degree in a single year.


3Conferment of a Master’s Degree Based on a Research Report


Active working adults who have an abundance of field experience but are not accustomed to writing academic papers (master’s theses) can obtain their master’s degree by submitting a research report in place of a thesis.


4Special Entrance Examinations, Tuition Reductions/Exemptions and Scholarships for Overseas Students


Numerous exchange overstudents enroll and study at our graduate school. Special entrance examinations are prepared for the sake of students from overseas, and tuition reductions/exemptions and scholarship systems are available to exchange students.


5Double Degree System


This system makes it possible for students to obtain master’s degrees from both Matsuyama University and either Shanghai Normal University in China or Incheon National University in South Korea.


6Credits for Class Auditors


For prospective students who have audited classes for credit prior to enrolling at the Graduate School of Economics, up to 10 credits can be counted following enrollment.

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